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Compliance Monitoring

Your website isn’t static, your team is probably periodically (or frequently) updating it with new content and functionality. Have the peace of mind that your website is staying in WCAG 2.0 conformance with our training, monitoring and re-certification services.

Ananyoo is proud to release its ADA Website Compliance Monitoring Services. Every month, you will receive a monthly report outlining your financial institution website’s compliance status. If you are not in compliance, specific recommendations are provided to achieve compliance. You can then pass these along to the staff member who manages the website, or your third-party website vendor.

Train your web and marketing team to follow best practices.

As we proceed with our work, we produce every client with a document describing best practices for adding content, products, forms, media and other content types to your website. A single page with a WCAG 2.0 error can potentially exclude the conformance for the entire site. Make sure your team knows to manage your website.

Periodic Monitoring and Re-Certification

We’ll monthly monitor and re-certify the website to ensure it remains in WCAG 2.0 conformance. Your team will receive updates when we find issues so they can remediate or task the job to our team. We offer monitoring to any WCAG 2.0 conforming website.

    Accessibility Ready

    We make WordPress Accessible to as many people as possible by providing easy to use themes.  Accessibility Ready in web design means creating web pages that everyone can use, SEO friendly, regardless of hardware, software, or any physical impairments.

    Customer Support

    Get help from our friendly and knowledgeable Professionals. Most issues are covered in our FAQs and online Documentation for Ananyoo Accessible WordPress Themes. You can also submit Tickets, monitor the status of your Tickets, view all old tickets.