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Upgrades to WordPress

The process of upgrading your website to WordPress to meet WCAG 2.1 conformance can be approached in a variety of ways depending on how your organization is structured. In many cases, with any simple or complex websites, our development team can jump right into upgrading and transfer your website into Accessibility ready WordPress Website. Most of the time, we start our process with an accessibility audit.

If you don’t have an developer, we can help!

We have an internal strong development team available that can be contracted to complete the work to upgrade your website. If you don’t have a inhouse team, or your team is presently very busy with other projects, we can easily dive into your website and complete the work in the background with minimal interruption to your organization existing website setup. We will first make the newly upgrade site live in a sub-domain for testting and then transfer it to main domain once the work thoroughly tested and completed successfully from our end. Once your website has been upgraded to WCAG 2.1 A, AA, or AAA conformance, its time to certify your website and write your accessibility conformance statement

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Accessibility Ready

We make WordPress Accessible to as many people as possible by providing easy to use themes.  Accessibility Ready in web design means creating web pages that everyone can use, SEO friendly, regardless of hardware, software, or any physical impairments.

Customer Support

Get help from our friendly and knowledgeable Professionals. Most issues are covered in our FAQs and online Documentation for Ananyoo Accessible WordPress Themes. You can also submit Tickets, monitor the status of your Tickets, view all old tickets.