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What Web developers Need to Know About Accessibility

If web accessibility is a unique concept to you, the path onward can seem overwhelming. You could pursue perfection forever by building accessible products for every user you can imagine. That’s not much of a variation from design and development more generally as there’s always room for improvement. However, when it comes to usability, and […]

A Brief History of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

Apart from the United States, nearly twelve more countries have laws or policies which prevent disparate access to EIT/ ICT (European Institute of Innovation and Technology). Like the United States, they also form apart of a specific law or policy which is aimed at decreasing discernment against people with physical disabilities, and not specific to […]

Why Should You know about the New Website Accessibility Lawsuits?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was introduced into the genre in 1990 as one of the most wide-ranging pieces of civil rights legislation. This act has merged deeper in order to raise the standard for public accommodation especially for the disable people. With the rapid technological inventions has given birth of a question, does ADA can get applied on the websites too or not.

Efforts of India to combat discrimination based on Disability

The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is accepted as an effective international human rights treaty in order to protect the rights and dignity of people with minor and major disability. Like other developing countries, India too has ratified this treaty after a time. But the saddest part is that, near about one fourth government websites are still getting failed to load due to poor website accessibility.

Facts you Need to know about ADA and Web Accessibility

In 1990, the “Americans with Disabilities Act” took place into the genre as a law form in order to prevent discrimination based on disabilities. But there is sound significance when it comes to accessibility of modern communications such as the internet. With the introduction of websites, a vital question is taking place and that is, exactly what is the actual mission of ADA to make the United Society more accessible to the people with minor and major disabilities.