In today’s global marketplace, it’s not enough to just have a digital presence. To capitalize on opportunity and captivate real, live, human readers, an optimized, functional, interactive website is a must. Unfortunately, the Internet is swarming with poor website designs that miss both the technical and content mark. Worse yet, clients and developers alike continuously contribute to the current outbreak of design delinquency in equal measure.

It’s time to end bad websites, once and for all. Let’s take a look at how to pinpoint new design and development standards that will help end this vicious cycle of “all-surface-no-substance” sites.

So we built Ananyoo which is an Accessibility Ready WordPress Theme developed for people looking to make their WordPress Website ADA, WCAG2.1 AA and Section 508 Compliance. Ananyoo offers a better experience for users with disabilities and makes websites look beautiful, it also enables you to do business in countries where accessibility is a legal requirement.

Ananyoo Full Package List Included with the Price

  1. Ananyoo Accessible WordPress Theme Delivery.
  2. Gather Website Objective: What is the specific objective of this project?
  3. New Logo Design Specific to Client Requirement.
  4. New Photoshop Web Layout Specific to Client Requirement.
  5. Integration of Approved Photoshop Layout into Ananyoo.
  6. Integration of Content provided by the Client.
  7. Making Website SEO Friendly.
  8. Social Media integration into relevant social media Platforms.
  9. Do all ADA/WCAG2.1 AA/508 Compliance Checking.
  10. Free Domain Name will be given (Free for 12 Months).
  11. Free Web Hosting with cPanel, 4GB Space, MySQL DB (Free for 12 Months).
  12. Quality Checking and making site LIVE.

Our Best Practices included for all Client Websites

Compliance Monitoring & Website Maintenance

Your website isn’t static, your team is probably periodically updating it with new content and functionality through the WordPress Dashboard. Have peace of mind that your website is staying in WCAG 2.1 Conformance with our Monitoring, Website Maintenance & Re-Certification Services.

We guide your Team to follow best Practices

We provide every client with a document outlining best practices for adding content, forms, products, media and other content types to your website. A single page with a WCAG 2.1 error will remove the conformance for the entire site. Make sure your team has the knowledge to manage your website.

Website Monitoring and Re-Certification

We’ll monitor and re-certify the website to ensure it remains in WCAG 2.1 conformance. Depending on the change frequency of your website. Your team will receive updates when we find issues and then we can remediate or complete the task by our team.

Regular Web Maintenance is Essential for a Stable, Healthy Website

WordPress maintenance is extremely important. Most web platforms, without a little extra care, can become slow, error-prone and unreliable. From a security perspective, a poorly maintained site can even become a liability. Unnecessary files and data can slow your site down. Unwanted content such as comment spam can cause you a world of hurt, consuming valuable resources and impact your search engine rankings. Security flaws can enable attackers to use your site to commit fraud, spread malware and launch further attacks.

Here’s a collection of WordPress maintenance checklists which we will do for you, and your site will be speedy and secure. Neglect them, and bad things may happen. Here’s a short overview of what we’ll be covering:

  • Backups
  • Maintenance Mode
  • WordPress Updates
  • Plugins Updates
  • Cache Cleanup
  • Comment Spam
  • Database Maintenance and Optimization
  • Health and Security Monitoring
  • Centralized Management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Scheduling and Documentation
  • Keeping Informed

Frequently Asked Question about Ananyoo Theme

How much Ananyoo Full Package Cost?

You have to pay a One-time Lifetime License Fee along with a Support Fee for 12 Months. This Price includes:
– Initial Signup and Setup.
– Allow using Ananyoo Theme for Life.
– 12 Months of ADA Monitoring Services.
– 12 Months of Web Maintenance Services.
– 12 Months of Customer Support.
– 12 Months Theme Updates.

Do I have to pay Extra to get Services/Support and Theme Update?

Yes, after 12 Months of Ananyoo Theme Purchase, you have to Pay a Yearly Fee to avail of our ADA Monitoring Services, Website Maintenance, Customer Support, and Theme Updates. Only a valid License key holder can avail of these Services. Lifetime License keys are issued at the time of purchase.

What are the Lifetime License keys used for?

Lifetime License allows you to use our Theme for Life and it connects your site to ours, allowing us to send you automatic regular updates if your license key is in good standing. Likewise, we provide support and theme updates for valid license key holders.

What happens if I do not renew my Support?

Ananyoo Supports Services are Subscription-based and will automatically renew Yearly (12 Months). If you decide to Cancel Support Services, you may still use our Ananyoo Theme as you have a Lifetime License for it, but you will not receive our ADA Monitoring Services / Website Maintenance Services / Customer Support and Theme Updates.

Need Help With Accessibility?

Ananyoo aims to eliminate barriers, provide equal access & enhance user experience for everyone.