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I developed few ADA / Section 508 / WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) compliance websites from Ananyoo as they are the agency and works with departments and individuals to provide a single shared standard for web content accessibility. Ananyoo aim to produce inclusive web content that provides access to a wider range of individuals including those with disabilities such as blindness, low vision, hearing loss, learning disabilities, speech disabilities, colour blindness and combinations of these.
Client: John Mendela

John Mendala

CEO, DiabloValley Tech, US
I have developed many Accessible Website using WordPress with the help of Shivaji. The Anblik team is great to work with. Their knowledge of web accessibility is exceptional. They are very capable of building accessible solutions as well as remediating existing code to be accessible, including areas of established success criteria and usability items requiring manual testing.
Client: Cara Cairns

Cara Cairns

Director, Cara Cairns Design, US
I really enjoyed working with your easy to use theme. Ananyoo has become my new base for all of my upcoming websites. Ananyoo is well known for its accessibility ready WordPress themes. This WP theme is an excellent choice for any business site because of its design, and it can be a powerful solution for services presentation or company introduction. We can navigate through the sections of the website without using a mouse. Really appreciate the great work!
Client: Srimanta Mukherjee


CEO, Anandodhara, Australia
Using Ananyoo WordPress Accessible Themes, boost our SEO as well as we are now in a position to market it to mass people. Great theme and great support! Shivaji has made great effort to make this theme accessible and he’s done a wonderful job. Sufficient colour contrast, keyboard accessibility also for the dropdown and hamburger menu, skip links, accessible search forms – it’s all there. Also with great support, we all love it!
Client: Uttam Lama

Uttam Lama

CEO, Kunjung ITI, Bhutan

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