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Case Studies

Every project is different, and every client has different need for ADA but here at Ananyoo, we started from what the client really wants to achieve in micro level and deliver precisely the set of WCAG 2.0 services that will get them there. We tackle each ADA web design project with great passion and determination.  Listed few Case Studies that has delivered great customer experiences with measurable results.

Case Study : Anblik

After completion of our very first accessible wordpress theme Ananyoo, we have applied the theme on our own Company website and which is WCAG (2.0) Compliance and it also follow Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) law but in parallel the website has to look attractive. Earlier where we had some complications regarding accessibility, thus we approach for a completely new accessible site. To meet USA and India government accessibility requirements, our services must meet level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) and work on the most commonly used assistive technologies – including screen magnifiers, screen readers and speech recognition tools, which include people with disabilities in user research.  So we build a Website which not only will look impressive, as well as meet the Govt accessibility guidelines. Our team started working on this project and in List of Achievement I have listed effectiveness of our best practices bench-marking performance.  You can visit Anblik to see its performance.

Case Study : Diablo Valley Tech

John from Walnut Creek, USA, was not receiving any leads for his own IT business.  He already purchased a domain name and have a website but that too was seating idle. So finally he decided to revamp his website and also one of his Lawyer friend advice him to make it ADA compliant which become necessity in USA.  So John wants better experience for users with disabilities and makes websites look beautiful, which will also enables him to do business in countries where accessibility is a legal requirement. So he get in touch with me and explained us his needs.  I advice him not to spend money for Accessibility Audit as we will replace the whole system and develop website from scratch using our WordPress theme name Ananyoo.  He agreed and our team started working on his project and in List of Achievement button given below, I have listed effectiveness of our best practices bench-marking performances.  You can visit Diablo Valley Technical Services Website and get a feel of its quality.

List of Accomplishment for our Client Websites

  • We have used WordPress Ananyoo Accessible WordPress Theme
  • Gathered Website Objective: What is the specific objective of this project?
  • Design Logo Specific to Client Requirement and get it approved
  • Design Photoshop Web Layout Specific to Client Requirement and get it approved
  • Tested for Color Blindness to get sufficient Contrast ratio using Color Contrast Analyzer Tool
  • Integrated Approved Photoshop Layout into Ananyoo theme
  • Presented Clear and Consistent User Friendly Navigation
  • Designed Structured website layouts that are Readable and Properly implementated WordPress Code Standards
  • Integrated SEO Friendly Content provided by the Client
  • Implemented SEO Friendly Functionality in Website
  • Social Media integrated into relevant social media Platforms
  • Added Title and META Descriptions in all the Post and Pages
  • Implemented Local Business Data Type for Google
  • Added Structured Data Types Support (Schema)
  • Implemented Dublin Core Meta Tags

Accessibility Ready

We make WordPress Accessible to as many people as possible by providing easy to use themes.  Accessibility Ready in web design means creating web pages that everyone can use, SEO friendly, regardless of hardware, software, or any physical impairment.

Customer Support

Get help from our friendly and knowledgeable Professionals. Most issues are covered in our FAQs and online Documentation for Ananyoo Accessible WordPress Themes. You can also submit Tickets, monitor the status of your Tickets, view all old tickets.