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Ananyoo Web Accessibility Services Provider

Web Accessibility Service Provider

Ananyoo offers ADA compliance web design and accessibility web development Services. That includes testing for web accessibility and website accessibility remediation. Our WCAG Compliant Accessible Theme helps build accessible websites quickly on popular content management systems platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Bigcommerce and Webflow.

It is designed to give a better experience for users with disabilities and makes websites look beautiful, and it also enables you to do business in countries where accessibility is a legal requirement.

Our Experts are Certified Consultants

Anblik experts hold collective IAAP & DHS Trusted Tester Accessibility certifications.

Your Winning Web Design Partner

Let’s meet you where you are and build a pragmatic plan for advancement together.

We’ve Earned Developer Respect

Anblik’s tactical and strategic accessibility expertise on popular CMS is unparalleled.

We’re Trusted on Web Accessibility

Anblik’s tactical and strategic accessibility expertise is trusted and unparalleled.

Accessibility Services

A comprehensive suite of accessibility solutions that ensures equal access to digital, document and printed information for people with disabilities, and it conforms with the WCAG web accessibility guidelines and technical standards and complies with the ADA. Anblik has the most mature and complete digital accessibility solutions suite around.

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We can build accessible websites and remediate codes seamlessly using leading Content Management Systems, Popular Website Frameworks, top eCommerce Platforms and more.

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Certified Experts in digital compliance

IAAP and DHS certified Accessibility Expert in WCAG, Section 508, ADA, AODA, VPAT and web accessibility compliance.

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DHS Trusted Tester

Latest From Our Accessibility Blog

Our Accessibility Blog topics range from introduction to web accessibility, w3c web accessibility initiative, what is web accessibility, and why is web accessibility important in making websites and mobile app technology easier to see, hear and use! We’ve curated a digital accessibility blog covering everything from web accessibility tools, web accessibility best practices, EU web accessibility directive, w3c web content accessibility guidelines, and to how to build an accessible website from scratch.

Web Accessibility Case Study

As examples of web accessibility examples projects, shown below is a selection of our clients who have used our Ananyoo Accessible Theme along with our other digital web accessibility audit and consultancy services. and successfully completed a web accessibility project. You can check our other web accessibility case study.

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Why web accessibility is important? I’m Shivaji, and I’ll make sure your website looks gorgeous and passes all necessary accessibility tests. All my website themes are WCAG 2.1 AA friendly and barrierless so that you can easily reach anyone in the world. I am passionate about helping as many organizations as possible to achieve their accessibility goals.