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Accessible Graphic Design

Get user interface accessible graphic design and visual design more accessible to people with disabilities.


Accessibility is solved at the design stage.” To design for accessibility means to be inclusive of the needs of your users. This includes your target users, users outside of your target demographic, users with disabilities, and even users from different cultures and countries.

We can help you get started making your user interface design and visual design more accessible to people with disabilities. Inclusive graphic design is how easily people can use your website. As designers, understanding those needs is the key to crafting better and more accessible experiences for them.

Better Accessible graphic design will improve the UX of your site for not only disabled individuals but for the general public as well. It will also save potential headaches in the future from lawsuits and angry customers.

Below are a few actionable changes that we can make to start enhancing the accessibility of designs.

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Our WCAG-Friendly, Accessible Graphic Design Process

While it’s easy to get hung up on the visual details, graphic design is, first and foremost, a visual communication method used to convey information with a specific objective. Ease of understanding is the main goal. How designers communicate messages more effectively – colour, layout and typography, etc. – is everything else.


An accessible colour scheme is the most important thing to keep in mind is colour contrast. We will ensure the foreground and background contrast is high enough. Use additional cues such as shapes, icons, and text when using colour to communicate information.


Good readability and legibility are key to making text accessible.
Legibility refers to how easy it is to recognize characters and tell them apart.
Readability is how easy it is to read the text, and it is related to the typeface and how the designer lays out the type.


Images are great for illustrating concepts and drawing attention. To use images without compromising accessibility, remember to add alternative text descriptions and avoid text within images whenever possible. Don’t embed text within images.

Design for everyone with these accessibility-focused tools

Colour and Contrast impact accessibility in every design. We are highly skilled in working with these accessibility-focused design tools to help you make your designs better for everyone. We address accessibility challenges like colour contrast with these helpful design tools. Each tool has its own unique features and user interface, so feel free to contact us to see which one works best for you. Get a WCAG-friendly Wireframe or UI/UX design for your next project.

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Accessible Theme Development

Create a stunning website experience with our accessible theme development services. Whether you are looking for an informative site or a site with eCommerce functionality, you can easily build your site quickly with the help of our readily available Accessible Theme, which supports today’s leading web frameworks like Shopify, WordPress & Webflow. We already implemented all essential accessibility best practices to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website using our accessibility-ready themes. We do accessible design elements and adhere to WCAG guidelines, making your website accessible to everyone.

Let’s Discuss Your Project

Technology is constantly evolving, and it’s important to stay on top of changes in order to ensure the accessibility of your website. From WCAG to ADA compliance, we combine technology, processes, people, and legal expertise to make your digital assets accessible – and keep them that way. Drive results with a personalized web accessibility approach built to support you at every step of your journey. Take The First Step Towards Improving Your Website’s Accessibility. Get in touch to explore our suite of solutions and proactively ensure the accessibility of your digital presence and start the path toward ADA/WCAG conformance.