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Website Accessibility Audit

Assess your website with our automated, manual, and functional website accessibility audit workflow to meet WCAG 2.1 conformance. ADA Accessibility Audit Reports that give you clear direction and prioritization for each issue we discover.

ADA Accessibility Audit & ADA Accessibility Assessment

Accessibility projects typically begin and end with a website accessibility audit – an assessment of the current state of your site or application’s accessibility. You need to see your starting point and measure progress as you fix issues. We can help you with your ADA accessibility assessments and offer guidance on remediation techniques for all of your digital assets.

  • Automated and manual evaluation covering all WCAG success criteria.
  • Accessibility Recommendation / Suggestion and Dedicate Support.
  • We strive to include Individuals with Disabilities in the accessibility testing process.

We test on all major browsers and screen readers to ensure comprehensive coverage. We offer the highest quality and most comprehensive ADA accessibility audit services.

After an audit, we’ll show you which issues to prioritize and address based on impact and severity. Our experts can also participate in the remediation process itself.

Website Testing

Types of Web Accessibility Audits

Micro Audit

Micro Audit

A quick assessment of 1-3 pages is perfect for an organization that is exploring accessibility. It is a quick indicator of the current accessibility status.

Detail Audit

Detailed Audit

This is a thorough audit conducted by our accessibility specialists by testing compatibility with keyboards, Browsers, Automated tools & other assistive devices.

Micro Audit


This is a verification process on the website after accessibility issues are addressed. A re-audit is necessary to validate an accessibility conformance report.

Testing Environments

Desktop Screenreaders Testing
JAWS / Win10 / Chrome
NVDA / Win10 / Firefox
Voiceover / MacOS / Safari

Mobile Screenreader Testing
Talkback / Android / Chrome
Voiceover / iOS / Safari

Other Testing
Browser Zoom Testing / Win10 / IE / Edge
High Contrast Testing / Win10 / IE / Edge
Keyboard-only Testing / Win10 / Chrome
Colour Contrast Testing / Win10 / Chrome
Automated Tool / Wavetool / Deque AXE

Accessibility Audit Report

What are the key things Included in Our Accessibility Audit Report? Here goes the list below.


Audit Summary:
Number of issues, Priority list, Recommendation.


Detailed Findings:
Page-wise report with WCAG Recommendation / Suggestion.


Issues Screenshots and functionality screencasting.


Audit methodology, including tools and techniques used.


The severity of each accessibility issue is found based on barriers and scope.


Technical Guide: Providing WCAG and ARIA techniques references and guides.


Compliance Status:
An assessment of the website’s compliance fixes made against all issues.


Automated Tool:
Formatted Scan reports generation using tools like AXE, Usablenet or Wave.


Scope & Limitations:
Description of the audit’s scope and any limitations that may have impacted the audit results.

Accessible Theme Development

Create a stunning website experience with our accessible theme development services. Whether you are looking for an informative site or a site with eCommerce functionality, you can easily build your site quickly with the help of our readily available Accessible Theme, which supports today’s leading web frameworks like Shopify, WordPress & Webflow. We already implemented all essential accessibility best practices to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website using our accessibility-ready themes. We do accessible design elements and adhere to WCAG guidelines, making your website accessible to everyone.

Let’s Discuss Your Project

Technology is constantly evolving, and it’s important to stay on top of changes in order to ensure the accessibility of your website. From WCAG to ADA compliance, we combine technology, processes, people, and legal expertise to make your digital assets accessible – and keep them that way. Drive results with a personalized web accessibility approach built to support you at every step of your journey. Take The First Step Towards Improving Your Website’s Accessibility. Get in touch to explore our suite of solutions and proactively ensure the accessibility of your digital presence and start the path toward ADA/WCAG conformance.