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About Ananyoo

Hey, I’m a Website Accessibility Consultant.

Thank you for stopping by! Morning has broken, and the coffee has spoken! Spent tireless days creating this time-tested WCAG-friendly accessible theme for various platforms. Welcome to my business website, “Ananyoo”, a regional name from the land of Bengal, which means “unique,” and I have been working as a website accessibility consultant for more than a decade.

I am running a Web Design agency dedicated to delivering quality websites for our global customers. All of our proceeds contribute to building state-of-the-art Accessible Themes to build WCAG-friendly accessible websites.

I’m based in Kolkata, India and a DHS Trusted Tester Web & Section 508 Certified Website Accessibility Consultant and also a Certified Webmaster. Being a qualified Accessibility Consultant, I started exploring Web Accessibility from the year 2006 onwards.

I possess strong expertise in:

  • Accessibility Testing and Remediation of Digital Properties.
  • Accessible Web and App Development on various Platforms.
  • Help understand and navigate the latest accessibility laws and standards.
  • Create a customized accessibility roadmap that aligns with your unique needs and goals.
  • Implement the recommendations from our audit, ensuring your website becomes fully accessible.
  • Ongoing support to maintain your website’s accessibility and keep you up-to-date with evolving regulations.

Having sound experience in the a11y (accessibility) domain, I am skillfully advanced in performing numerous a11y Tests to make Websites / Applications accessible and compliant with various accessibility standards.

I offer an assortment of quality services to build and preserve the website quality of your brand. My team of small and dedicated, and experienced professionals specialize in Audit and Remediation on various platforms.

Nowadays I am quite active on Upwork where I completed a few well-known web accessibility projects for reputed organizations. I am a Top Rated Plus Website Accessibility Consultant from Upwork with a 100% Job Success Rate. Top Rated Plus is the badge that Upwork talent can earn after achieving Top Rated status working on larger projects, typically high-budget or long-term contracts.

Get in touch with me through Upwork if needed. This way prospective clients can easily send project proposals my way with confidence. You can have a fixed-price or hourly contract, and and client can then deposit project funds in escrow before the contract starts and release the funds once the project is completed successfully.

DHS Trusted Tester Certificate
3WI Certified Webmaster
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About Anblik

Founded in 2003, Anblik is a Kolkata-based web design company with a small team of enthusiastic and highly experienced professionals. Anblik provides a niche range of accessible website design and accessible website development services, from creating responsive website designs, e-commerce applications and Accessibility compliant websites using the latest web technologies.


IAAP Certified CPACC


IAAP Certified CPWA


IAAP Certified WAS

We have IAAP Certified Professionals available in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC) & Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS). We also have professionals who cleared DHS Trusted Tester Web Certification Program. So these qualified auditors and Remediators are available to undertake any of your website assignments.

Our Web Accessibility tester, with extensive experience as a front-end Web, CSS and JavaScript, provides consulting solutions for accessible, standards-compliant, cross-browser compatible websites and web applications. Specialties in Accessible Web design and development, W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, and Section 508 accessibility remediation services. Generate Audit Reports for any Websites and Provide technical recommendations (from a code point of view) to our client for fixing the accessibility issues so that the developers who do not know about web accessibility can implement the same in the codebase.

If you are looking for a simple, easy-to-use, future-proof and accessible theme with a completely accessible, fully loaded website, your search is finally over!