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VPAT Accessibility

VPAT accessibility services can help achieve VPAT certification which can improve brand image and customer satisfaction and enhance market reach by attracting a wide range of customers.

VPAT Accessibility Solutions with VPAT Certification

The information in a VPAT accessibility report is useful for vetting a company’s accessibility standards. Companies and other entities that face strict legal accessibility requirements can look to VPAT certification to feel confident that they’re not hiring a vendor that puts their compliance at risk.

VPAT Certification

With the help of VPAT certification, you can improve your brand image and customer satisfaction and enhance your market reach by attracting a wide range of customers. By being accessible, you can tap into a growing market of consumers with disabilities and showcase your commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Here are some steps to start working on the VPAT testing report generation process:

  • Step 1: Audit Your Accessibility

    Before beginning the VPAT process, conduct a comprehensive audit and develop a checklist to identify areas for improvement in your web presence.

  • Step 2: Complete the VPAT

    Complete the VPAT testing and highlight each accessibility issues in a product or application for compliance with Section 508 and WCAG.

  • Step 3: Ensure Integrity

    Maintain up-to-date documentation and be truthful in data representation. Establish a standardized procedure for accuracy VPAT testing and implementing changes.

  • Step 4: Publish the VPAT

    Finally, provide a link to your VPAT certification on your official website or ensure it is available upon request. It should be readily available for interested parties.

VPAT Accessibility

Benefits of VPAT Certification

Boosts brand Reputation

Having a VPAT-certified brand defines your commitment to making accessibility a part of your brand. It enhances your brand reputation and builds trust with your customers, employees, and other stakeholders. Moreover, this certification can also open up new opportunities for your organization or business as it boosts brand value.

Boost Sales for Product

Organizations that utilize VPATs leave a positive impression on diverse audiences. It showcases their commitment to growth, accessibility, and inclusivity, emphasizing that they value all individuals, regardless of their abilities. You can access government contracts and funding and can stand out from your competition.

Ensuring Compliance

Having VPAT certification ensures that your technology complies with accessibility standards such as Section 508, WCAG, EN 301 549, and AODA. It helps you avoid any legal issues related to accessibility. This certification also shows your commitment to accessibility and gives users confidence that the technology is designed for everyone.

Accessible Theme Development

Create a stunning website experience with our accessible theme development services. Whether you are looking for an informative site or a site with eCommerce functionality, you can easily build your site quickly with the help of our readily available Accessible Theme, which supports today’s leading web frameworks like Shopify, WordPress & Webflow. We already implemented all essential accessibility best practices to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website using our accessibility-ready themes. We do accessible design elements and adhere to WCAG guidelines, making your website accessible to everyone.

Let’s Discuss Your Project

Technology is constantly evolving, and it’s important to stay on top of changes in order to ensure the accessibility of your website. From WCAG to ADA compliance, we combine technology, processes, people, and legal expertise to make your digital assets accessible – and keep them that way. Drive results with a personalized web accessibility approach built to support you at every step of your journey. Take The First Step Towards Improving Your Website’s Accessibility. Get in touch to explore our suite of solutions and proactively ensure the accessibility of your digital presence and start the path toward ADA/WCAG conformance.