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Techno Gears: TLJ

Techno Gears

Redesign The Learning Journey International website to modern and WCAG Compliant accessible website using Ananyoo Shopify theme.

    • Accessibility Audit, Accessibility Remediation, Accessibility Statement, Accessible Graphic Design, Ananyoo Theme, Webflow
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    • Mark Pound
    • August 26, 2023
    • Ananyoo Shopify, Education Services, Gaming, Kids

The Techno Gears sets from The Learning Journey are the perfect way to encourage kids to build. With more than 60 colourful construction pieces and a power motor, the Monster Truck set delivers a challenging and rugged experience! The mechanics of the Techno Gear sets introduce and allow children to experience the science of gear ratio and align with and support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math standards.) Recommended for ages 6+ years. The Learning Journey has been designing and manufacturing an exclusive line of award-winning children’s interactive educational products. Inspire learning, creativity, and fun with our educational toys, games and puzzles!

They wanted to migrate from Prestshop to Shopify and to keep the same pixel-perfect existing design as well as to avoid intricate legal hassles; they wanted to make it fully ADA-compliant. We have created a roadmap that helped around the entire redesign project so that clients could track the progress across different stages. This ensures that the project doesn’t overshoot the time and cost estimates. Website Development Checklist we covered during the project lifecycle:

  1. Understands client target audience: To ensure that we understand the ecosystem of this industry. Knowing the background, behaviour, and demographics of the target group we are catering to.
  2. Centers their strategy around user experience: Plan a strategy to ensure a seamless user experience at the client’s website.
  3. Redesign the Brand Logo.
  4. Migrated the existing design from Prestashop to Shopify, keeping the same looks and feels.
  5. Created a Staging site in Shopify for development.
  6. Integrated the new layout with our Accessibility-ready Ananyoo Shopify theme.
  7. Updated content and digital assets.
  8. Crawl the existing site and Map’s URLs.
  9. Updated Meta Titles and meta descriptions.
  10. Audits on redesign site: Did a comprehensive Automated as well as Manual audit of the website around the existing content strategy and information architecture.
  11. Fixed any remaining accessibility issues based on Audit reports.
  12. Check mobile-friendliness and responsiveness.
  13. Monitor performance in Google Lighthouse.
  14. Migrated Staging site to Live site.