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Accessibility Consulting Services

Clients often come to us looking for a new website that is ADA-compliant, but not everyone is aware of exactly what it involves. When it comes to application development, it is important to know what the difference is between 508, ADA, and WCAG, and what level of compliance you’re interested in adhering to in order for the developers to best assist you with creating the perfect solution.

Our innovative two step process to accessibility compliance, ensures accessibility is done right, and enables faster adoption of new technologies to address your business goals and requirements. We work with you to ensure your products are usable by people with disabilities and meet the ADA, WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 standards.

Main Features of Ananyoo

Ananyoo offer a better experience for users with disability, make website looks beautifull, it also enables you to do business in countries where accessibility is a legal requirement.

WordPress Driven

Easy Content Management System

WordPress provides accessibility expertise across the project to improve the accessibility of WordPress core and resources. So we decided to use WordPress as  a CMS for our Users  to make 100% pure Accessible Website.

Accessibility Ready

Pure Accessible WordPress Theme

In compliance with W3C WAI, ADA, WCAG2.0 AA & Section 508. Not only will you make your content more available to those with disabilities, but you will be opening up your site to a larger audience.  We offer more flexibility.

Visual Composer

Tailored for Visual Composer

A perfect theme to combine with the most popular page builder for WordPress. Fast and simple solution to create a website.  Easy to use theme because of the intuitive theme options and layout customization tools.

WooCommerce Ready

WooCommerce Optimized Themes

100% compatible with WooCommerce Plugin, with tons of possibilities and fully customized pages and features. WooCommerce eCommerce Shopping Cart is built on WordPress, the software that runs 26% of the web.

Technology behind Ananyoo Accessible WordPress Theme

Below given are the technology we have used to build this theme. We have mentiond the Sources and Credits.


WordPress is open source software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app. 30% of the web uses WordPress, from blogs to news sites online.

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HTML5 is a markup language used for structuring and presenting content on the World Wide Web. It is the fifth and current major version of the HTML standard.

Visit HTML5 Website


We are using Bootstrap 4 which is the newest version of Bootstrap, which is the most popular HTML, CSS & JavaScript framework for responsive websites.

Visit Bootstrap Website


Using latest jQuery which is a cross-platform JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. It is free software using  MIT License.

Visit jQuery Website


We are using CSS3 which is the latest evolution of the CSS language aims at extending CSS2.1. It brings rounded corners, shadows, gradients, animations etc.

Visit CSS3 Website

Redux Framework

Redux is a extensible options framework for WordPress themes and plugins. Built on the WordPress Settings API, Redux supports multitude of functionality.

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We are using PHP 7.2 which is the ultimate choice for web developers today. Faster performance, less resources, and cool new features and more.

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Used Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 for Website Graphical Layout design. Its a raster graphics editor developed and published by Adobe Systems for macOS and Windows.

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UX Design

Trying to achieve compliance on a completed design may entail IA and design changes. A User Experience Audit (UX Audit) is a way to pinpoint less-than-perfect areas of a website, revealing which parts of a site or app are causing headaches for users.


The CMS like WordPress must be updated to support new content fields. The HTML, CSS and Java Script must also be updated. We will use our own Ananyoo Theme to build your Dynamic WordPress driven Website so that the Website become fully accessible.

Site Monitoring

Ongoing monitoring is the periodic assessment of a website in order to identify barriers to accessibility and remove them. Ongoing monitoring ensures that digital properties, such as websites or mobile apps, continue to meet web accessibility standards.

Content Editing

Web accessibility is often thought of as technology supporting a website, but it is actually the content techniques that ‘make or break’ a website’s accessibility. Content editors must adhere to guidelines and add content for all images, videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will be helping you make accessible websites by using our Ananyoo WordPress Theme. I’ll teach you and also impliment how to meet important web accessibility benchmarks like the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG) and how to think accessible first. You’ll see that making accessible websites isn’t as hard or as technical as you think. So we will be very much involve with you throughout your website project lifecycle from purchasing domain to hosting and then making it accessible and then to promote it. What else?

Ananyoo is a Accessible WordPress theme Framework with WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 & ADA compliance. Get Website Accessibility with this WordPress WCAG 2.0 & Section 508 & ADA compliant theme perfect for a small business website. Make your website as easy as possible and choose this creative WordPress theme for building a successful personal and business website especially if you are obliged by law to meet WCAG 2.0 standards to adjust a website for people with visual, motor or cognitive disabilities and build an accessible website.

We have gone through the required guidelines for getting the official accessibility-ready tag in our themes.  This means that all our theme that passes the guidelines receives an accessibility-ready tag and  able to create a WCAG 2.0 level AA and Section 508 compliant websites with it.  Easiest way to test accessibility is to run an online evaluation tool. WordPress recommends such tools at accessibility handbook page. You can read more information about some of those tools below.

Automated testing should always be complemented with manual testing to help you identify accessibility issues in your websites, apps and digital channels. Automatic accessibility checking tools are useful to broadly identify problems and start developing a plan to fix them, and engaging human experts throughout this process is important to achieve the best result. Here’s our reasons why manual testing by accessibility professionals alongside automatic tools is necessary to ensure your digital products are as accessible as possible and that is what we did with Ananyoo which goes through rigorous Manual testing process.

The overlap of SEO and accessibility helps brands reach consumers, because both “rely on content structure, semantics, and functionality” to either present the most targeted content based on keyword search, or to determine the relevance of content. In other words, following accessibility techniques increases the search engines’ ability to understand website content by “exposing it to their crawlers.”  In other words, the more confident Google can be in both the content and the user experience of a particular page, the more likely it is to rank higher. But this doesn’t always work the other way around, depending on the SEO tactics you take and to help you out on this, we will integrate two best WordPress Plugins which our theme fully support:

  • WP Rocket: I am always on the lookout for ways to increase the speed of my client’s WordPress sites and used almost all Cache Plugins but WP Rocket surpass all! Speed up your WordPress website, more traffic, conversions and money with WP Rocket caching plugin.  It is such a simple plugin to configure and use, and yet it is very powerful! It is definitely worth the price. Being a WPRocket Infinite License holder,  this will be fully supported in Ananyoo.
  • SEOPress: I have used Yoast Premium but SEOPress is a freemium plugin to optimize from A to Z your WordPress site. Titles, meta descriptions, Google Knowledge Graph, Local Business, Structured Data Type, Open Graph, Twitter Cards, Google Analytics, Broken link checker, 404 monitoring, WooCommerce and much more! A real Swiss knife for your SEO!  Being a SEOPress Pro version License  holder,  this will be fully supported in Ananyoo.

Ananyoo WordPress theme is 100% responsive and mobile friendly Accessible Theme. It means it was tested on various mobile devices and it adjusts well to different screen views. Fully optimized to use on phones and tablets.

Ananyoo Mobile Friendly WordPress Theme adapts to our customer’s chosen device, whether it is a traditional laptop/desktop or smartphone (iPhone, Android) or tablet (iPad). The fluid and responsive layout adjusts to the changing mobile trends. The professional and crisp design provides a clean and simple user experience.

You can do a test here and see how easily a visitor can use your page on a mobile device. Just enter a page URL to see how your page scores.

Thank you for your interest in Anblik products and services. To learn more about how we can help you in creating, generating or how to remediate websites or documents to comply with ADA, Section 508, WCAG 2.0, PDF/UA, or HHS standards, please take a moment to complete our form, and we will contact you shortly. Our Pricing is based on the complexity of your website or web application. Contact a Sales Team Member to learn more about pricing.

Custom Projects

With our unique and efficient approach to digital accessibility, Ananyoo is regularly engaged to address different digital accessibility challenges. If you have a distinct challenge, Ananyoo can be your partner to help. Do you have a unique challenge? Contact Us.

Why Do Our Users Love Ananyoo?

We help businesses by providing Accessible Web Design and Web Development services. Everything we do is to help you build your Brand.

I have developed many Accessible Website using WordPress with the help of Shivaji. I found that using free Accessibility Ready themes from WordPress repository can’t guarantee that each theme will continue to meet accessibility-ready standards in future updates. That is why I recommend anyone to go with Ananyoo accessibility ready WordPress themes where each update will follow guidelines and in a case of any problems you have full support. If you need to achieve the best possible accessibility, I recommend you to use Ananyoo because they offer best flexibility.
Cara Cairns Profile Photo

Cara Cairns

Director, Cara Cairns Design, US
I really enjoyed working with your easy to use theme. Ananyoo has become my new base for all of my upcoming websites. Ananyoo is well known for its accessibility ready WordPress themes. This WP theme is an excellent choice for any business site because of its design, and it can be a powerful solution for services presentation or company introduction. We can navigate through the sections of the website without using a mouse. Really appreciate the great work!
Srimanta Mukherjee Profile Photo


CEO, Anandodhara, Australia
Using Ananyoo WordPress Accessible Themes, boost our SEO as well as we are now in a position to market it to mass people. Great theme and great support! Shivaji has made great effort to make this theme accessible and he’s done a wonderful job. Sufficient colour contrast, keyboard accessibility also for the dropdown and hamburger menu, skip links, accessible search forms – it’s all there. Also with great support, we all love it!
Uttam Lama Profile Photo

Uttam Lama

CEO, Kunjung ITI, Bhutan
I developed few ADA / Section 508 / WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) compliance websites from Ananyoo as they are the agency and works with departments and individuals to provide a single shared standard for web content accessibility. Ananyoo aim to produce inclusive web content that provides access to a wider range of individuals including those with disabilities such as blindness, low vision, hearing loss, learning disabilities, speech disabilities, colour blindness and combinations of these.
John Mendela Profile Photo

John Mendala

CEO, DiabloValley Tech, US

Accessibility Ready

We made WordPress Accessible to as many people as possible by providing easy to use themes.  Accessibility Ready in web design means creating web pages that everyone can use, SEO friendly, regardless of hardware, software, or any physical impairments.


Get help from our friendly and knowledgeable Professionals. Most issues are covered in our FAQs and online Documentation for Ananyoo Accessible WordPress Themes. You can also submit Tickets, monitor the status of your Tickets, view all old tickets.